Why Choose Gradian as Your Solution Delivery Partner for Symantec’s User Authentication

Passwords vs passcodes vs hard tokens vs USB tokens vs SMS tokens vs soft tokens vs behavioural vs certificate – where to begin with authentication….it’s about building trust and confidence in the person and/or device accessing your data.

Information is your most important intellectual asset: if you can’t trust the integrity of the people accessing this asset you are exposing yourself to risk.

We have over 15 years’ experience delivering authentication solutions – whether the drivers for needing stronger authentication are to support changing mobility patterns, to build brand integrity and attract customers in the market, or simply to satisfy auditors we are able to help. We understand the “must haves” behind a successful engagement – ease of use, flexibility, security, and cost – and are experts advising and delivering Symantec’s Validation & ID Protection (VIP) and Managed PKI (MPKI) Service offerings against these principles.

Our job is to understand your DNA…

By understanding an organisation’s DNA i.e. their business structure, internal and external user communities, governance frameworks and appetite to risk, we help organisations understand how strong authentication becomes a business enabler.


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