Gradian Re-lists Expanding Presence on Government G-Cloud 9 Platform

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Gradian proudly boasts 6 services to their new G-Cloud Platform offering. The decision was taken as part of Gradian’s on-going strategy to make them easy to buy from. The G-Cloud platform saves the public sector/local government time in the purchasing cycle of cloud-based products and services.

Gradian’s new offering comprises:

As well as simplifying the buying process, the Government’s G-Cloud Platform provides a framework where buyers only pay for what they use. Importantly, services are purchased at a fixed price making for a level playing field. It also removes the need to run a full procurement process and by saving time, saves money.

Gradian, a Symantec Platinum Partner, initially became a G-Cloud supplier two years ago having started off with their Fully Managed Drive Encryption service. The decision to re-list and expand their services on the platform supports their focus on excellent customer experience. Mark Boomer, Gradian’s Public Sector Business Development Manager explains:

“We’re always looking for ways to improve our customer touch points. Successfully identifying and delivering the optimal security solution isn’t enough anymore. We need to make Gradian really easy to deal with and provide a positive experience.

So we’re breaking down our activities to a granular level allowing us to identify areas for improvement along the customer journey. Our G-Cloud presence is just one of the areas we’ve successfully addressed.”