Gradian Reveals their New Status as a G-Cloud Supplier on the UK Government’s Digital Marketplace…

Gradian Systems proudly reveal their successful tender to supply through G-Cloud

The Government framework. The purpose of G-Cloud is to provide a digital marketplace facilitating the supply of cloud-based technologies to local government, national government and public sector buyers. Following successful accreditation and fulfilling all necessary requirements, Gradian’s Fully Managed Drive Encryption service is now featured on the G-Cloud catalogue of services delivering drive encryption from the cloud: Link

The public sector consumer benefits derived from Gradian’s listing include:

  • Services with terms pre-agreed and ratified between Gradian and the Government
  • Costly and lengthy procurement cycles are greatly reduced
    Enables consumers to take advantage of new cloud based technologies quickly and with peace of mind
  • Provides credibility
  • Cost savings are ultimately passed on to the tax payer
  • Avoidance of long term contracts
  • Ability to buy only those services used
  • Reduced costs associated with on-site management infrastructure
  • Simplified administration
  • Non-negotiable pricing allowing for a level playing field

The stringent tendering process involved the Government conducting rigorous assurance checks based on Gradian’s service submissions.   This was then followed by the creation of a framework agreement with Gradian.

Managing Director, Damian Acklam, comments on the news:

This is a really important achievement for Gradian; the credibility it provides cannot be underestimated and public sector buyers will have increased confidence in buying from Gradian. We see this as a stamp of approval from our Government and we are very proud.

Gradian Systems have been providing Data Security advice and solutions since 2001 and are a Symantec Specialist Partner with Cyber Essentials status. Whether data is in situ, in transit or shared, Gradian will identify the optimum solution on a case-by-case basis deploying with the minimum of fuss and within budget.

For more information call Gradian on 01276 534771.