We are “Old School” in Approach

When you deal with us, you’ll appreciate the difference… Technology is here today to make our lives easier, but it can never replace the human element and the personal touch.

Business is all about relationships, and we are relationship master builders.  We like the good old fashioned approach of picking up the phone or meeting face to face; person to person.  How can you build up trust any other way?

Yes email communication definitely has its place, but first and foremost we believe that we are privileged to deal with you, the individual.  Each one of you has your own unique personality, your own unique requirements and your preferred way of doing things.  Here at Gradian we believe in the personal touch so don’t be surprised if we pick up the phone instead of reverting to email.

We also understand that sometimes things can go wrong – not often (we really are very good at what we do) but where there exists humans, there exists a margin for error.  We believe that it is how we, as your supplier and partner, deal with this “rare” occurrence that sets us apart.  We deal with it head on, with your objectives uppermost in our minds and with a view to resolving issues as quickly and painlessly as possible.

Our Credentials

If the above information isn’t enough, then don’t forget our more formal credentials:

 Symantec Platinum Security Specialist
 We hold a Master Subcontractor Agreement with Symantec
We are a member of the Symantec Encryption BETA Test programme
 Cyber Essentials Accredited

 Unique Customer Contact Plan
 Crown Commercial Service Supplier
 ITIL Accredited
 Prince 2 Accredited
 Service Focused Culture

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