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Messaging Security

Product Name:                  Symantec Email Security.Cloud
Overview:                           Symantec™ Email filters unwanted messages and protects users from targeted attacks. The service has self- learning capabilities and Symantec intelligence to deliver highly effective and accurate email security.  Read on…

Policy Based Encryption (PBE)

Product Name:                  Symantec Email Security.Cloud (add-on)
Overview:                           Symantec Policy Based Encryption Advanced is an add-on to Symantec Email that helps automatically safeguard the security and privacy of sensitive data you exchange with customers and business partners via email. The service lets you create and enforce flexible rules in accordance with policies set in Email Data Protection.  Read on…

VIP for PCI Compliance

Product Name:                  Symantec VIP
Overview:                           The PCI Security Standards Council has strengthened requirement 8 for multi-factor authentication in PCI DSS 3.2. The new requirements challenge organizations to implement consistent and configurable processes to limit access to users and have more accountability over access to cardholder data – requirements directly addressed by Symantec VIP.  Read on…

Authentication – VIP Access

Product Name:              Symantec VIP
Overview:                       Offer your users the ultimate in convenience and security with Symantec VIP Access. Building on the comprehensive Symantec Validation and ID Protection Service (VIP), VIP Access combines secure access and the convenience of using your mobile device as a credential. Mobile credentials eliminate the cost and organizational effort of creating, distributing, shipping, and managing mass quantities of tokens or smart cards. Just a simple app download and your users are up and running.  Read on…

Solution Briefs:

Email Threat Isolation (ETI)

Product Name:                  Symantec Email Threat Isolation
Overview:                           Gain Unparalleled Security from Sophisticated Email Attacks: insulate users from spear phishing, prevent credential theft, stop ransomware.  Read on…

Web Security Service (WSS)

Product Name:                  Symantec Web Security Service
Overview:                           Bringing control to the chaos of the cloud.  Symantec Web Security Service is a cloud-based secure web gateway that controls web and cloud access, protects users from advanced threats, and secures sensitive and regulated data.  Read on…

Reaping the Benefits of Strong, Smarter User Authentication (VIP)

Product Name:                  Symantec VIP
Overview:                           Today’s enterprise needs an effective, user-friendly solution to address the many security challenges that exist in today’s mobile business. Validation and ID Protection Service delivers cloud-based 2FA authentication that offers a smarter, more flexible alternative to meet the unique needs of business today, including all the economic and business benefits of a hosted solution.  Read on…

VIP Securing Consumer Mobile and Web Applications

Product Name:                  Symantec VIP
Overview:                           Symantec VIP provides a user-friendly, cloud-based multi-factor authentication that enables you to build a strong layer of security into your web and mobile apps.  Read on…

VIP – Top 5 Reasons to Choose User-Friendly Strong Authentication

Product Name:                  Symantec VIP
Overview:                           This executive brief asserts that easy and secure authentication is possible, and offers five reasons an organization should adopt such a solution. Insights are provided into how to choose the right two-factor authentication (2FA) solution, including integration with complimentary solutions like single sign-on, to ensure you are prepared for the challenges of today and tomorrow.  Read on…

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