Save 30-50% of Total Annual Costs by choosing Gradian’s Disk Encryption Service

So you’ve recognised the need to encrypt your data to safeguard your critical asset – your data.

You’ve also correctly identified that whole disk encryption is the way forward and now you’re looking at deploying the solution on premise.

Why?  There is a far more cost effective solution…

Gradian offers a full disk encryption service ‘from the cloud’ allowing you to benefit from cost savings of up to 50%.

The traditional on-premise model necessitates expenditure in the multiple areas including the following:

–       Project scoping
–       Server hardware
–       Database licensing
–       Software licensing
–       Hardware and software maintenance
–       Solution replication and disaster recovery
–       Ongoing project management
–       Deployment services
–       Solution testing
–       Staff training

Gradian has already invested heavily in the areas outlined above.  Why invest your own money when you can effectively “rent” whole disk encryption as a service?

Gradian offer this disk encryption service to users in a multi-tenanted way which means that your ongoing expenses are a fraction of what they would otherwise be.  Your one time costs nose dive so that all you have to pay is for the set up of your organisation on their platform and, apart from a small contribution towards ongoing overheads, the costs associated with the rental of the software licences themselves.

Take advantage of the cost savings associated with Gradian’s disk encryption service and contact us today.