World Class Professional Services: Skills Matrix

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Since 2001, we’ve been working hard to ensure we deliver expert services to you across our key focus areas.  These services are underpinned by technical best practice, industry standard methodology and lab simulation.  Gradian Services is proudly spearheaded by a Symantec Knight, one of only 15 within the UK.  This provides you with access to a “world-class” client-facing solutions architect to ensure design integrity, seamless delivery and service integration.

Importantly, we constantly strive to add that extra value and to deliver you and outstanding customer experience.  Whether you need consultancy, engineering or support services, we’re here to help you.


Our industry-leading Services will provide you with:

  • Collaborative Solution Design: architecture & planning
  • Collaborative Solution Build: implementation & deployment
  • Solution Operate: functional & regression testing
  • Solution Transfer: documentation & handover to BAU
  • Solution Training
  • Ongoing Support: Basic, Enhanced or TASP

Our unrivalled expertise spans the Symantec portfolio listed within the table below:

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Our Areas of Technology Expertise Pre-Sales Deployment Post-Sales Training
Symantec Encryption Management Server
  • Drive Encryption
  • Email Encryption (Desktop/Gateway)
  • File Share Encryption
  • SAAS
Symantec Endpoint Encryption
  • Drive Encryption
  • USB Encryption
Symantec Information Centric Encryption
  • Cloud Apps
  • DLP Integration
Symantec Policy Based Encryption
  • Gateway Email Encryption
  • Heterogenous Key Management
Email Security
Symantec Email Security.Cloud
  • Inbound – Spam & Virus
  • Inbound – Zero Day & Malware
  • Outbound – Data Protection
  • Outbound – Policy Based Encryption (PBE)
Secure Messaging Gateway
  • On-Premise Messaging Gateway (MTA)
Symantec Email Threat Isolation
  • URL Re-write
  • Remote Execution of Unknown Threats
Web Security
Symantec Web Security Service
  • Cloud Proxy
  • URL Filtering (Web.Cloud & WSS)
  • Web Control for Mobile Users
  • DLP Cloud Integration
Symantec Web Threat Isolation
  • Remote Execution of Unknown Threats
Symantec ProxySG – Secure Web Gateway
  • On-Premise Proxy
  • DLP Integration
  • Content Analysis
Symantec CASB        
  • Shadow IT Audit
  • Secure Cloud Apps
  • Control Cloud Data Sharing
Endpoint & Authentication
Symantec Endpoint Protection (SEP)        
  • Endpoint Security
  • Web Traffic Re-Direct
SEP Cloud        
  • Endpoint Protection <500 Endpoints
SEP Mobile (SkyCure)        
  • Mobile Device Protection
  • MDM Integration
Symantec VIP (MFA)        
  • Multi Factor Authentication
  • Cloud Single Sign On
Symantec ATP        
  • Mail
  • Web
  • Endpoint
  • Network

World Class Professional Services: Skills Matrix

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