Symantec awards Gradian Access to their TIPP Program.

Symantec TIPP Logo

Symantec acknowledges the pioneering service Gradian has built around PGP disk encryption technology by awarding Gradian Access to the Symantec Technology Integration Partner Program (TIPP).

Partner access to TIPP is Symantec’s gold seal of approval and endorses Gradian’s ability to innovate with Symantec technology. Specifically, Gradian’s work around Symantec’s (PGP) disc encryption technology is the golden egg that earned Gradian their place on the program. They’ve pioneered a cloud-based fully managed service around the technology which combines the flexibility of over-the-air enrolment and recovery with pay-as-you go pricing.

By creating the TIPP program, Symantec aims to build the best security ecosystem possible by bringing together companies that have taken existing Symantec technologies one step further forward. It’s the practice of “thinking outside of the box” in action; the consolidation of excellence.

What does this mean to Gradian and their customers?

Damian Acklam, Gradian’s Founder and CEO answers the question:

“This rubber stamps the fact we do more than just sell and support Symantec technologies. We have such intimate knowledge and macro understanding of them that we can take what’s there, evolve it, develop it and build a service around it.

Symantec’s endorsement of the solution we’ve built around their Encryption technology is confirmation to the customer that it’s fit for purpose. It’s validation that what we’ve built is good enough to become a core component of Symantec’s disruptive technology strategy.”