Value Added Encryption Solutions for the Protection of Your Data

Gradian is one of Symantec’s leading Endpoint Security and Encryption Partners.  We are unique – we can deliver Symantec’s Encryption powered by PGP Solution on-premise and we have also pioneered the ability to offer Symantec’s Encryption solution as cloud-based service.

Both offerings have their respective advantages, however, most companies do not fully appreciate the cost spectrum associated with an on-premise solution. So, how do you make a truly informed decision?

On Premise or Cloud?

When considering on premise you may well fall into the trap of basing your decision on licencing and maintenance costs alone, but what about the following:

 the costs of the hardware running the Encryption server
 the project management time to co-ordinate internal and external resources
 IT and Help-desk staff training costs
 ongoing solution management costs
 wasted time when users are locked out of their devices

We have produced a calculator to help break down and explain the differences in costs associated with running an on-premise Symantec Encryption solution versus the same being delivered from the Cloud as a Managed Service.

Give us a call!

And make a truly informed decision… We can perform the ROI calculation for you and provide you with accurate information allowing you to make a truly informed decision.

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